Conwell Medical Co., Ltd.



■ Stabilize knee joint
■ Increase knee compression
■ Reduces knee pain and swelling
■ Knee strains and sprains


■ Durable high quality super elastic construction.
■ Heavy-duty extension in 4 ways.
■ Two spiral stays provide additional stability.
■ Easy pull on application.

SizeS . M . L . XL
SIZE               Knee Circumference                         (Measure Around Knee Joint)
S                  12 inch - 16 inch                                         30 cm - 40 cm
M                  14 inch - 18 inch                                         35 cm - 45 cm
L                  15 1/2 inch - 19 1/2 inch                            39 cm - 49 cm
XL                  17 inch - 21 inch                                         43 cm - 53 cm
Product Instruction Manualor

THE CONWELL SUPER ELASTIC KNEE BRACE is indicated for mild to moderate patella instability and compression.

❶ Slide over foot (Fig.A).

❷ Pull the support up to the leg and over the knee (Fig.B).

SUPPORT WITH SPRIAL STAYS: Position spiral stays on each side of the knee (Fig.C).



1.If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a physician.

2.Usage as directed by physician, also operated by professional accroding to physician indication. Do not operate without consulting physician.

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash with mild soap in cold water. Rinse well and air dry. Do not machine wash, tumble dry clean, or use bleach or lron.