Conwell Medical Co., Ltd.



■ Protects and immobilizes injured finger


■ Plastic shell to provide superior protection and immobilization to injured finger.
■ Lightweight for comfort.
■ Hook and loop fasteners design for easy application and stabilization.

SizeS . M . L . XL
SIZE Length of the Finger Splint
S 5 . 7 cm
M 6 . 8 cm
L 8 . 3 cm
XL 9 . 3 cm

Product Instruction Manualor

THE CONWELL FINGER SPLINT is designed to protect and immobilize injured finger.

❶ Select the appropriate finger splint size, insert it into the finger that requires stabilization (Fig.A).

❷ After the finger splint is inserted, secure the hook and loop fasteners until desired level of support is achieved (Fig.B).



1.If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases,discontinue use and consult a physician.
2.Usage as directed by physician, also operated by professional accroding to physician indication.Do not operate without consulting physician.
3.Make sure the hook and loop fasteners are well fastened while wearing the product. If the hook and loop fasteners cannot be fastened well. stop using the product to prevent injuries.

Washing Instructions:

For plastic components, clean with a damp cloth, air dry. Do not use detergent or bleach.