Conwell Medical Co., Ltd.



■ Compression fractures of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine.


■ Improved padding on chest to make user more comfortable.
■ Adjustable length and width can fit most body shapes.
■ Simple press closer design provides fast and easy application.
■ Available in four sizes for both normal length and short length models.
SIZE Hip Circumference Height
S 24 inch - 29 inch 60 cm - 75 cm 15 1/4 inch - 18 1/2 inch 39 cm - 47 cm
M 29 inch - 35 inch 75 cm - 90 cm 16 1/2 inch - 19 3/4 inch 42 cm - 50 cm
L 35 inch - 41 inch 90 cm - 105 cm 17 3/4 inch - 21 inch 45 cm - 53 cm
XL 41 inch - 45 inch 105 cm - 115 cm 19 inch - 22 inch 48 cm - 56 cm
Product Instruction Manualor

THE CONWELL DELUXE HYPEREXTENSION SPINE BRACE is indicated for compression fractures of the spine.

Width adjustment : Loosen the screws on horizontal bar and adjust the width of the chest pad to fit the patient's body width (Fig. A).

Length adjustment : Loosen the screws on the vertical bar and adjust the length to fit the patient's body length  (Fig. B).

❸Wear brace on the chest  (Fig. C). First unfasten the buckle on the left side vertical bars, pull the strap to right side vertical bar, press to fasten (Fig. D).

❹ Adjust the strap length at the back to desired pressure, make sure the pad lies in the middle of the back (Fig. E).

❺ Fasten the lock button on the left side vertical bar (Fig. F).

How to take off brace :

❻ Push lock button backward from the left side vertical bar (Fig. G). Pull and unfasten the buckle (Fig. H).

❼ Unfasten the buckle on the right side vertical bar, the brace is taken off completely (Fig. I).



1. If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases, discontinue use and consult with medical professional.

2. Usage as directed by physician, also operated by professional accroding to physician indication. Do not operate without consulting physician.

3. The hyperextension brace may oppress chest or heart. If chest, heart or breathing pressure results, discontinue to use and consult with medical professional.

4. Always make sure the screws are well fastened before use to prevent injuries.

5. Make sure the hook and loop fasteners are well fastened while wearing the product. If the hook and loop fasteners can not be fastened well, stop using the product to prevent injuries.

Washing Instructions:

Dip cotton pads in cold water to rub and clean, air dry. Do not use detergent or bleach.